Pratap K. Srivastava

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I would like to thank everyone for coming this morning to join us in mourning the passing of my mother, Vidyawati Srivastava. In addition to mourning her loss, we have also come to celebrate her life.

Mummy lived a long and extraordinary life. Besides being a great daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and greatgrandmother, My mother was a great human being who touched the hearts of hundreds of people both in India and the US with her love and compassion.

Her large extended family of over 100 members will miss her sense of family values and her passion to keep us all bonded together as one close-knit family inspite of our individual differences and diversity of views. We will begin with a religious service performed with the help of Acharya Baljit Shashtri. Following that, we have chosen three representatives, spanning three different generations, to say a few words about her.

They are: my brother, Pradeep Srivastava; my son, Sameer Srivastava; and my grand-daughter, Aleesha Maewall. After we end the services here, close family members will take my mother's mortal remains to the crematorium. We thank you again for coming.